"I just wish you could talk!"

That's a sentence from yours truly, praying that some miracle could help me understand why my 6-month old puppy was so lethargic.

Turns out he had a nasty bout of gastroentiritis, but he was telling me how he was feeling.

...Just not in a way I understood.

Dogs communicate very differently to humans. They use their body to give us signs that say "I'm scared" or "I'm happy." And as responsible dog owners, it's our jobs to pick up on them--and give our furry friends what they need.

Picking up on these behaviors could save your dog's life.

It sounds extreme, but it's true.

Dogs give off subtle body language cues before they react more intensely.

Take a dog that's greeting a new person, for example. They're feeling nervous (and use their body language to show their owner that they're unsure about the situation.) But you and the new person ignore it. Your dog gets more worked up, and ends up biting them in frustration.

They simply don't want to be petted any more, but you didn't pick up on the pre-reaction signs that your dog thought were crystal clear.

Take a look at these photos:

Is this a happy dog?

On the basis, this dog looks happy. But a dog's body language goes much deeper the "feeling" we get from a dog.

How about this one?

This dog is showing clear signs that they're unhappy. He's showing completely different body language cues than the "happy" dog.

...Too late.

You're too slow to spot the signs of a dog that's feeling nervous, so this is the last resort. Wouldn't it be easier if you could prevent it? You can do--if you can spot the cues.

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Hi, I’m Elise. That's Hugo 🐶

Elise is a first-time dog mom to a Sprocker puppy, Hugo. She's made it her mission to learn about how dogs think, and what they really want. (Spoiler alert: Sometimes, that's just a slice of ham.)

She created this eBook after becoming obsessed with dog body language. She interviewed pet and veterinary experts to put the content together.

The result? A quick guide to keep in your pocket and refer to when your pup shows a new behavior.

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How many body language cues are in the book?

There are 20+ different body language cues inside this eBook. It explains them in isolation and theory, but also which combinations you should look out for to help you understand how your dog is feeling.

Who created this book?

I created this book (Elise Dopson), under my company name Dopson Marketing Ltd.

Can I get a refund if I don't enjoy the eBook?

Unfortunately, because this is a digital product, refunds are not available. Please make sure you understand what you are purchasing beforehand. No refunds will be given.

How can I learn more?

The Sprocker Lovers blog is a great place to start! 😉